Tuesday, November 2, 2010


There are so many ways to bond with your family. For some, they do activities together like biking in the park, planting new materials in the garden or watching a good film. For us, if our budget allows us, we go out and dine together. Last week, we went through the rain to dine at Grab-a-Crab Restaurant at Robinsons Mall Gensan. 

We had a hearty dinner of Quail Soup, Seafood Fried Canton, Buttered Chicken, Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet. They did not serve any recipe of beef and pork that night. What my kids enjoyed the most was the dessert: cakes of various flavors: Carrot Cake, Black Forest, and 3 other cakes which I didn’t get the name. And what I enjoyed was the White Wine. It was an opulent golden yellow in color- orange the most, which made me wonder why it was called a white wine ( Most white wine is produced from white grapes. I say most, because there are a few exceptions. Wine gets its color from letting the skins soak in the juice. Since this is the case, it is possible to make white wine out of black grapes by carefully extracting the juice and keeping the skins separated. Champagne is the most famous example. It is made from a blend of grapes.)

I studied the taste of each recipe. Each was superb. I am going to try to cook them soon. And of course, I am going to blog them. 

It was indeed a hearty meal and a happy bonding time for us. Here are our photos:

wacky can't wait for his share

owa enjoying his cake

quail soup

sweet and sour fish fillet

buttered chicken

seafood fried canton

chilled white wine
sauvignon blanc