Tuesday, November 9, 2010


We live in a society where food plays an important role in our lives. Not just eating to live and nourishment but also for social and emotional reasons. There are a lot of different types of restaurants - from fast food to kid-oriented to cafeteria to ultra fine dining. My blog this time is on Fine Dining/Fine Dining Restaurants.

What are Fine dining restaurants? These are full service restaurants with specific dedicated meal courses. D├ęcor of such restaurants feature higher quality materials with an eye towards the "atmosphere" desired by the restaurateur. The wait staff is usually highly trained and often wears more formal attire. In fine dining, food portions are smaller but more visually appealing.

Fine dining restaurants generally have the following services and requirements:

Dress Code: In most cases a fine dining restaurant will not permit jeans, t-shirts, hats and may even require a suit jacket and tie.

Service: The service at a fine dining restaurant will generally be top notch. Expect each table to have no less than two servers directly responsible for it and a Maitre 'D overseeing service.

Menu: The menu at fine dining restaurants tends to be extremely classy with high quality ingredients and prepared by a well-known and talented chef with years of industry experience. 

Food: Top quality produce treated delicately with respect. Small portions paid with extreme details. Combining food and art concept together. Making food taste good and look good.

To appreciate fine dining, our class once tried the food and service of The Royale Lounge at Royal Hotel, GSC.

at royale lounge

with sir felix

fun dining

after the dinner

fine people... on fine dining...


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