Thursday, November 4, 2010


My recipe today is named after me by my mom as a result to my being skillful at concocting, mixing, inventing and cooking up various ingredients to come up a new dish. She blogged this in her own site a month ago. I am reposting it here for you, folks.

Sinuglaw or Sinugbang Kinilaw is a mixture of grilled pork and tuna kinilaw. There is no need to prepare dipping sauce for the grilled pork once it is tossed to the prepared tuna kinilaw.


Ø  1/2 kilo tuna, cubed
Ø  1/2 kilo pork belly
Ø  1/2 cup vinegar 
Ø  1 medium onion, sliced
Ø  1 medium cucumber thinly sliced
Ø  1 medium ginger julienned
Ø  5 pieces lemon 
Ø  1 piece hot chili
Ø  Salt and pepper to taste


Ø  Place the tuna in a bowl then pour the vinegar

Ø  Put the sliced onion, ginger, cucumber, salt and pepper in the bowl together with the fish

Ø  Leave it out for one hour in the refrigerator before you serve

Ø  Grill the pork belly, cut into cubes then toss it into the kinilaw mixture


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