Saturday, November 6, 2010


One of the qualities that Filipinos possess is their ingenuity to make up almost anything into something new, creative yet cost-sufficient, including food. Among these foods are street foods. Street foods are obtainable from streetside vendors which are readily available, cheap and good-tasting.

Patil or Pastil is one of my favorite street foods. This is a Maguindanaoan food which is semi-sticky rice with chicken toppings wrapped in banana leaves commonly sold in some streets of Mindanao. It looks like a rectangular-shaped suman. (This is easy to prepare. Just wrap the cooked rice and chicken adobo together in banana leaves.)

I grew up in a place here in Mindanao where Patil is a common street food. During recess time in my high school days, me and my barkadas used to race to the stall near our school for a piece of Patil to satisfy our hunger for a few pesos. One “balot” of appetizing Patil fully gratifies one’s stomach.

Maguindanaoan patil

bunches of patil

patil and wyvern


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